What we do when we’re bored

The worst tragedy in life is to live in continual boredom without interacting with the divine. Bored people are compelled to search for different pleasures to fill their spiritual emptiness and loneliness... 19 October 2020 prayer beauty boredom quote mike bickle

Watchman Nee on Prayer

Negligence in prayer withers the inner man. Nothing can be a substitute for it, not even Christian work... 10 October 2020 prayer quote watchman nee

It’s Only Cookie Dough

Well worth a watch! It’s Only Cookie Dough (Trailer) from The Sentinel Group on Vimeo 4 July 2020 Lonnie Riley testimony

Experiencing God by Lonnie Riley

Well worth a watch! (55 min) 3 July 2020 Lonnie Riley testimony

Why Wikipedia cannot be trusted

Over the past number of years I've come across an increasing number of articles that are very disturbing about Wikipedia... 30 June 2020 wikipedia minformation discrimination

Sin does not reside in the colour of your skin

The Bible talks about the creation of one human race. It goes on to demonstrate that sin; disobedience to God's instruction; led to humanity's downfall. We are taught that sin resides in the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9) and is part of human nature. This means that sin affects all people irrespective of skin colour... 29 June 2020 sin discrimination power oppression

Removing Adobe Acrobat’s PDF extension from Firefox

Something on my system automatically installs an Adobe Acrobat PDF extension into every new browser I load. This is a windows only extension so I don't need it and it is not possible to remove it from within Firefox... 5 November 2019 reference acrobat firefox extensions tech

Recommended Firefox browser extensions to increase privacy

The below are recommended by NordVPN (which I use)... 5 November 2019 reference privacy firefox extensions tech