Welcome to my website. Here’s where I think out loud; which is a therapeutic process. Thinking out loud is a great way to move forward when you’re stuck.

As a trained coach I can offer you a thinking space to help you move forward. You may have something particular you want to explore, maybe you’re stuck, perhaps you’re looking to change jobs, or simply need a thinking partner outside of your context.

For a free 30 minute call to start the conversation, get in touch.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Starting an MA in Applied Theology
    In September I started an MA in applied theology. I was somewhat apprehensive as I have never undertaken academic study. My entry was through experience and I’m a “mature” student! I also wanted to document my journey hence this journal. I don’t know how much and how often I’ll write, but you’re welcome to join me on this journey.
  • A God Honouring Life
    Recently, I’ve become troubled by how much I honour God. I should tell you if you’re reading this blog for the first time that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, so he is the one I’m referring to. The Bible if full of commands about putting God first, not just the New Testament, but […]
  • Self-Awareness
    In starting this post, I just want you to read the short excerpt at this link about William Booth. I must admit to having a chuckle as I read it! I’m sure each of us have had instances in our experience that highlight the fact that we can all be insensitive at times. The trouble […]
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