Sin does not reside in the colour of your skin

The Bible talks about the creation of one human race. It goes on to demonstrate that sin; disobedience to God’s instruction; led to humanity’s downfall. We are taught that sin resides in the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9) and is part of human nature. This means that sin affects all people irrespective of skin colour.

Oppression tends to occurs where people have power. Where they can get away with allowing their sinful nature unfettered expression. This can be seen in every generation and in every ruling nation since the creation of humankind, but in more recent examples with China’s oppression of followers of Christ, or the Hindu oppression of Dalits.

The issue here is not one of skin colour, but sin. Sin is the same in all of us for all have sinned (Romans 3:23), which is why Jesus’ message was one of repentance (turning away from sin). Following Jesus; which is a requirement for anyone professing faith in him; leads to a changed life. A life where sin on the inside is dealt with by the Holy Spirit.

So in the end the solution will never be social or political change. All you end up doing is shifting power allowing others to become the oppressor. No, we need to deal with sin, and until we do so oppression and abuse of power will continue.

sin discrimination power oppression

29 June 2020