A New Covenant

Sometimes we forget that Jesus not only spoke about a new covenant, but made one with us, that is open to all people.

In Matthew 26:28 Jesus says,

“…for this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, that is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”

A covenant is an agreement, a contract that is drawn up between individuals. This particular covenant is drawn up in Jesus Christ’s blood. Jesus’ blood assures the validity of the covenant. This means it does not depend on you or I, but on Christ. We should derive great peace from this as Jesus does,

“…all things well…”.

There are too many benefits to mention that this new covenant brings to us. However, in this passage it clearly talks about the forgiveness of sins. The new covenant in Christ’ blood removes our sin. What tremendous news! All our disobedience and wrong doing is no longer counted against us. It does not matter what the devil whispers in our ear, or what the world says, or other people’s opinion. What matters here is that God in Christ says that through this new covenant all our sins and the punishment they deserve are removed. This means we can live a guilt free life with peace and joy, because Christ’ covenant sets us free.

It does not mean that we are free to continue to sin or do our own thing, but we are free to love and serve God with all our hearts, mind and strength, without needing to worry about the future judgement that is coming on the whole world.

No wonder they call it good news!!

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